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Dental Nurse

About Dental Nurse

The science of Dentistry has a long and rich history which has accelerated over the past two centuries to the present time. The teeth are unique just like your fingerprints. No two individuals, even twins can have identical sets of teeth. Recent advances in the field have contributed greatly in making dental treatments more successful and a form of art which aspire dentists to create beautiful smiles. India has joined hands with other countries to work together to bring excellence in Dentistry.
Enpawa has contributed greatly to these efforts by pioneering Dental Nursing in India. We are India’s first Dental Nursing Training Institute and Research Centre.
Dental Nurses help dentists while they perform various treatments for their patients. Two heads are better than one for creative and innovative solutions. In dentistry the same can be applied where four hands can provide better care for patients. Dental procedures are sometimes viewed as stressful for some individuals. Dental Nurses help the dentists by optimizing time improving the overall experience for the patient.
A dental team comprises of the Dentists, Dental Hygienist, Dental Nurses, Dental Assistants, Lab Technicians and Receptionists.
In India a majority of the tasks to be carried out by a dental nurse are shouldered by the dentist. This leads to increase in time taken to complete the procedure as well as decrease in productivity. A dental nurse helps to bridge this gap by taking over some of the tasks.
During routine dental procedures which can be surgical or non surgical there are many factors that contribute to the success of the treatment. The main factors to be taken into consideration are sterilization and isolation.
The mouth is a breeding ground for different bacteria and using contaminated or unhygienic instruments is detrimental to the patients well being. A Dental Nurse will follow all standard protocols and render the area and instruments safe for use.
The next phase critical to success is the isolation phase. When an affected area is separated from the rest of its surrounding environment, the dentist will gain clear, visible access to the affected area.
On completion of the course, dental nurses will be able to complete the above tasks and much more efficiently.

Certification Course Content

Our curriculum has been formulated by experts from New College Lanarkshire (NCLAN; A pioneering institution in the field of Dental Nursing) and is certified by Vocational Training and Charitable trust (VTCT; An independent awarding body), both from the United Kingdom.

Type of qualification Duration of course Location
Certification Program 3 Months To be carried out in the institute.
1 Year To be carried out in the respective Nursing Colleges.

On completion of this certification course students will be able to:
1) Provide chair side support during the assessment of patient’s oral health.
2) Maintain a clear field of vision during the procedures.
3) To identify and sterilize instruments required for the treatments to be performed.
4) Managing health and safety in a dental environment.
5) Provide necessary information regarding the treatment to be performed. This will help the patient to mentally and physically prepare and decrease their level of anxiety.
6) Have knowledge of dentistry which will help you to perform efficiently.
7) Follow the principles of infection control in the dental environment.
8) Ensure harmonious communication between different members of the dental team.
9) Maintain Data Confidentiality of the patients.
10) Ability to maintain and care for the impressions taken over the duration of the treatment.
11) Taking X-rays during the course of treatment.
12) Provide adequate chair side support during surgical and non surgical procedures.
13) Maintenance of patient records.
14) Providing information that will help patients to maintain better oral hygiene.
15) Periodic self evaluation of personal goals and career progression.
Students will be assessed by their teachers and progress further depending on the successful completion of each unit present in their curriculum.

Scope of Dental Nursing

1) On completion of the course one will be able to progress further by taking on further responsibilities in the different specialties within dentistry.

2) Our certification course will provide you with ability to pursue dental nursing in different parts of the world.

Career Progression for a dental nurse

A dental nurse may progress further in their careers by pursuing the following job profiles.

Extended Duties Dental Nurse/Dental Therapists

The Extended Duties Dental Nurse will be able to assist Dentists performing treatments for patients under conscious sedation. They will be able to perform preventive and restorative care for children and adolescents under the supervision of the Dentist. They will be able to place and remove isolation materials, take impressions and perform advanced duties if required by their dental practice.

Senior Dental Nurse/Assistant Manager

A Head Dental Nurse will work alongside the Practice Manager to make sure the practice is running efficiently. They will be working closely with Dentist and Hygienists and ensure proper cross infection controls are being maintained.
One of the responsibilities of a Head dental Nurse is to form a bridge between the management and the dental team. All aspects of the practice are reviewed by them. The reception, payments, audits, review calls to patients, complaints and feedback received are areas which come under their supervision. Any improvements required are brought to the attention of the management.