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Premium Dental Treatment Services

1) Single Appointment Implants

An Implant can be placed in the area where the tooth is missing. A screw is placed directly into the bone and the artificial tooth is placed above it. This can also be done if no adjacent teeth are present. In some cases where a single tooth is missing in the front areas of the mouth due to trauma we provide an option for the implant to be placed in one sitting which will help the patient to cope better in their daily lives.

2) Invisalign

We provide an alternative to the metallic smile that usually comes along with wearing braces. The solution is simple. Invisalign are nearly invisible trays that align the teeth. They can be removed and helps to correct misalignments of the teeth. They are highly esthetic and comfortable.

3) Veneers

Veneers are thin wafer like custom made shells that are cemented over the tooth. They resemble ideal tooth anatomy and instantly transform the smile of an individual. They are resilient to wear and take up stains lesser than natural teeth.

4) Teeth whitening

Teeth’s whitening is a simple and safe procedure. It can be done by bleaching the teeth with bleaching agents. Various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are available for this use. There are two variations to this procedure. It can be done at home or in the office. For home use the concentrations will be lesser to ensure the safety of the patient.

5) Conscious Sedation

It is a procedure done for patients who experience a high level or anxiety or stress during the dental treatment. A combination of sedatives and anesthetics will greatly relieve the anxiety levels of patients who are apprehensive. This type of sedation is safe as there is quick recovery after the completion of the procedure. The patient is awake but in a relaxed state.

6) Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In some cases the mouth may have a number of factors that has rendered it nonfunctional. It can be due neglect or other systemic factors one has no control over. Whichever may be the reason there is always hope to get it rectified. With our precise treatment plans you will be able to get a beautiful smile as well as chew on both the sides without difficulty. This will improve the quality of life leading to happier mindsets.

3) Lasers

We provide services that are pain free and noise free. In Gentle dentistry you don’t have to deal with the drills or the sounds that brings about the fear of pain. We eliminate all of these unpleasant situations by using lasers to treat the problem.

Lasers form a big part of ‘Gentle dentistry’.  They are used for crown lengthening, gingival recontouring, frenectomies, impacted teeth, removal of inflamed tissue, treatment of apthous and herpetic lesions. The conventional approaches might result in some negative experiences but with innovative solutions like lasers and conscious sedation we can put those days behind us.

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