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On Dental Nursing

The Dental Nurse is an essential member of the dental team.  He/she performs a range of patient care services, surgery procedures and administrative duties.  Surgery procedures include the sterilisation of instruments, preparation of dental materials and processing radiographs.  Administrative duties include, but not restricted to, supporting the dentist to maintain patient records, management of infection control and health & safety policies, stock control etc.

In a General Dental Practice environment the dental nurse may work in several areas of the surgery including: reception duties (making appointments), payments and banking, and getting involved in the administration of the practice.  The varying roles that a dental nurse might undertake will depend upon the practices’ particular requirements.

A Dental Nurse is usually the patients’ first contact on entering the dentist’s clinic/surgery. People are often very anxious and nervous when they have to visit the dentist, hence, a dental nurse must be able to put the patient at ease. He/she should be compassionate, soft spoken and bear good people skills.  In the clinic/surgery a dental nurse needs to be able to work quickly and keep calm. As some of the chair-side work can be very precise, a dental nurse is expected to have a high degree of manual dexterity.

We are currently accepting students for a 3-month course leading to examination for the award of Certificate in Dental Nursing.

You need to be a registered general nurse (BSc/GNM/ANM qualified) with or without experience for the UK certification. However, we also accept SSC (Xth) pass candidate with at least 2 years of hospital experience but will be awarded a certificate in Dental Nursing Assistant. We expect candidates to have a reasonably good general standard of communication and interpersonal skills which will be assessed through various practical techniques.

If shortlisted based on your CV/resume, you will be invited for an interview and an assessment test.  Selection will be based not only on your performance at the assessment test but also on our assessment of your suitability for the course.  If accepted you will undertake the 3-month intensive course.

The course constitutes a total of 600 hours that include 260 hours of theory through classroom sessions, 140 hours of practical training at our Skills Lab and 200 hours of self-study and assignments. You will attend formal classroom and practical lab training 5-6 days a week for 3 months. We are also in discussion with corporate clinics as well as local practitioners, where you will do a limited period internship before qualification.

Subsequent to gaining the initial dental nursing qualification a variety of options are available. Working in Dental Surgeries is the primary job of a Dental Nurse.  Dental nurses may also opt to undertake other post-qualification certificate courses in Oral Health Education, Conscious Sedation, General Anaesthesia, Radiography etc. Obtaining additional certifications allows you to undertake further dental nursing responsibilities such as the taking of radiographs etc.  It is also possible to become a dental nurse tutor after gaining enough experience.

Dental Nursing qualification above the certificate level is made up of a number of units.  These are further broken down into elements which are completed during the course.  All units have to be achieved before a whole award can be made, but there is the option of unit credit if the candidate cannot achieve the whole award.  You will undergo continuous assessment throughout the training program both at the Centre and at the Dental Practice (if posted for internship).  The results of your performance will be discussed with you.  Regular meetings between the Centre Manager, Dentist and Tutor will be held to discuss your progress and commitment to the course.  Homework, class/lab work and internship placement reports will be used at these meetings.

Upon successful completion of the course and certification you will receive job placement assistance from us. We have tie-ups with various corporate & individual dental clinics & hospitals both in India and overseas with regular hiring needs.

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